SyncDraw is an ANSI drawing program which supports:

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OSLast recompiledFile Size
Win32Wed Mar 14 2012 22:04:25494.738K
Linux (Current)Sat Sep 12 2009 05:55:30254.058K
Linux (Old versions)Sat Feb 24 2007 11:22:20238.002K
FreeBSDFri Oct 19 2012 04:33:33126.176K
NetBSDTue Jan 22 2008 03:05:12224.796K
OpenBSDMon Jan 28 2008 05:18:0099.044K
Solaris/SPARCWed Jan 11 2006 03:22:42244.135K
Apple OSXMon Jun 05 2006 19:33:15800.000K
NOTE: *nix binaries aren't statically linked due to Linux hating it.

SyncDraw CVS Commit Log

This is a log of the 20 most recent changes in the SyncDraw CVS repository.
  1. rswindell
    Thu Oct 12 2017 01:32:55 PDT
    Subject: src/uifc/uifc.h uifc32.c uifcx.c
    @MSGID: <>
    @TZ: c1e0
    src/uifc uifc.h 1.88 1.89 uifc32.c 1.224 1.225 uifcx.c 1.30 1.31
    Update of /cvsroot/sbbs/src/uifc
    In directory cvs:/tmp/cvs-serv3981
    Modified Files:
    	uifc.h uifc32.c uifcx.c 
    Log Message:
    Terminology update (GET -> COPY, PUT -> PASTE).
    Added Cut and Paste-Insert support to stdio version of UIFC.
  2. rswindell
    Wed Oct 11 2017 23:44:38 PDT

    Modified Files:
    src/uifc/uifc32.c 1.223 1.224 diff

    Log Message:
    Remove the F6 Paste option from the bottom-line (status bar) when not
  3. rswindell
    Wed Oct 11 2017 12:30:45 PDT

    Modified Files:
    src/uifc/uifc.h 1.87 1.88 diff
    src/uifc/uifc32.c 1.222 1.223 diff

    Log Message:
    Introduced UIFC API mode: UIFC_NOMOUSE to disable mouse detection/use
    i.e. for new scfg/echocfg -k (keyboard only) option.
  4. rswindell
    Tue Oct 10 2017 17:12:37 PDT

    Modified Files:
    src/uifc/uifc.h 1.86 1.87 diff
    src/uifc/uifc32.c 1.221 1.222 diff

    Log Message:
    Treat Shift-Insert as "Paste Insert" (new item inserted above selected item)
    different from Ctrl-V or F6 which is "Paste Over" (overwriting selected item)
  5. rswindell
    Tue Oct 10 2017 15:45:00 PDT

    Modified Files:
    src/uifc/uifc.h 1.85 1.86 diff
    src/uifc/uifc32.c 1.220 1.221 diff

    Log Message:
    Added support for "Cut" operations in uifc.list() - must be called with WIN_GET
    - returns index with MSK_CUT in upper nibble
    - Cut is initiated with Ctrl-X or Shif-Delete
    - Same as Get/Copy (F6/Ctrl-V) except the source item is removed
    * Ctrl-Insert is now supported for Copy (in addition to Ctrl-C and F5)
    * Shift-Insert is now supported for Paste (in addition to Ctrl-V and F6)
    * Fixed a couple of potential NULL savbuf dereferences (one sighted when using
  6. rswindell
    Tue Oct 10 2017 15:29:59 PDT
    Subject: src/conio/ciolib.h win32cio.c
    @MSGID: <>
    @TZ: c1e0
    src/conio ciolib.h 1.72 1.73 win32cio.c 1.101 1.102
    Update of /cvsroot/sbbs/src/conio
    In directory cvs:/tmp/cvs-serv24089
    Modified Files:
    	ciolib.h win32cio.c 
    Log Message:
    Add CIO macro definitions and Win32 key-bindings for Shift-Insert, Ctrl-Insert,
    Shift-Delete, and Ctrl-Delete to be used for cut and paste operations
    (not Ctrl-Delete).
  7. rswindell
    Tue Oct 10 2017 11:20:34 PDT

    Modified Files:
    src/uifc/uifc.h 1.84 1.85 diff
    src/uifc/uifc32.c 1.219 1.220 diff

    Log Message:
    Added new uifc.list() mode flag: WIN_PUTXTR - allow put/paste into extra
    (blank) item. Replaces the previously unused WIN_EDITACT mode flag.
  8. rswindell
    Tue Oct 10 2017 00:17:13 PDT

    Modified Files:
    src/uifc/uifcx.c 1.29 1.30 diff

    Log Message:
    Add printf member functoin to stdio versoin of uifc. This was causing echocfg
    v3 to crash when used with the '-iD' option. Oops.
  9. rswindell
    Thu Apr 14 2016 22:06:26 PDT

    Modified Files:
    src/uifc/uifc32.c 1.218 1.219 diff

    Log Message:
    Cosmetic improvement for > 80x25 consoles: When F1 is used to display
    online help, set the current "window" to inactive colors and then restore to
    original colors when online help is exited. For 80x25 consoles, the user
    probably won't notice any change since the online help window fills the screen.
  10. rswindell
    Mon Apr 11 2016 00:17:48 PDT

    Modified Files:
    src/uifc/uifc32.c 1.217 1.218 diff

    Log Message:
    Allow the 'cur' argument to uifc.list() to be NULL.
  11. deuce
    Fri Nov 06 2015 14:22:54 PST

    Modified Files:
    src/conio/Common.gmake 1.66 1.67 diff

    Log Message:
    Same things as the xpdev file... sdl-config after sdl12-config, and no
  12. deuce
    Tue Oct 27 2015 17:32:05 PDT

    Modified Files:
    src/conio/CMakeLists.txt 1.8 1.9 diff

    Log Message:
    Attempt to use the "system" xpdev, and fall back to the one in the magical
    path only if needed.
  13. deuce
    Mon Aug 24 2015 18:38:39 PDT

    Modified Files:
    src/uifc/uifc32.c 1.216 1.217 diff

    Log Message:
    Fix warnings.
  14. deuce
    Mon Aug 24 2015 18:33:08 PDT

    Modified Files:
    src/conio/bitmap_con.c 1.52 1.53 diff

    Log Message:
    Fix warnings.
  15. deuce
    Mon Aug 24 2015 18:30:34 PDT

    Modified Files:
    src/conio/x_events.c 1.27 1.28 diff

    Log Message:
    Fix warning.
  16. deuce
    Sat Aug 22 2015 03:10:09 PDT

    Modified Files:
    src/uifc/uifc.vcxproj 1.4 1.5 diff

    Log Message:
    Disable EditAndContinue option since it mostly manages to generate warnings.
    If DigitalMan uses the Edit and Continue feature, he can fix it.  :-)
  17. deuce
    Sat Aug 22 2015 02:53:19 PDT

    Modified Files:
    src/conio/conio.vcxproj 1.4 1.5 diff

    Log Message:
    Disable EditAndContinue option since it mostly manages to generate warnings.
    If DigitalMan uses the Edit and Continue feature, he can fix it.  :-)
  18. deuce
    Fri Aug 21 2015 23:28:07 PDT

    Modified Files:
    src/uifc/uifc32.c 1.215 1.216 diff

    Log Message:
    "Fix" warning.
  19. deuce
    Wed Aug 05 2015 02:24:48 PDT

    Modified Files:
    src/conio/ciolib.c 1.134 1.135 diff
    src/conio/sdlfuncs.c 1.37 1.38 diff
    src/conio/sdlfuncs.h 1.21 1.22 diff

    Log Message:
    Move sdl_video_initialized into ciolib.c now since it's used there.
  20. deuce
    Thu Jul 16 2015 23:34:31 PDT

    Modified Files:
    src/conio/sdl_con.c 1.218 1.219 diff

    Log Message:
    Fix bug in last commit... don't SLEEP() with the mutex held.